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Fordham Environmental Law Review

The Fordham Environmental Law Review explores a broad range of domestic and international environmental issues as well as social policy issues. The Review hosts an annual symposium each spring that draws leading scholars, lawmakers, and regulatory officials in the environmental law field.

Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal

The Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal is a nationally recognized publication that deals with all areas of intellectual property law including patent and copyright law, Internet law, First Amendment rights, and mass media law. The Journal is the third most cited IP journal in terms of citations in other journals.

Fordham International Law Journal

The Fordham International Law Journal is one of the most competitive international law periodicals in the world—and, according to a recent study, one of the most frequently cited student-edited legal publications dedicated to the study of international law. The ILJ attracts contributions from prominent statespersons and members of the academic, legal, and political communities. Journal pieces have been cited in numerous US federal court decisions, US Supreme Court briefs and decisions, international courts decisions, law review articles, and CFR and ALR annotations.

Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law

The Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law was originally established as a student organization in 1995, and has since grown to become one of the premier student-edited business law journals in the country. Executives, practitioners, regulators, judges and academics rely on the FJCFL to keep abreast of leading corporate law scholarship, novel legal theories, and the emerging issues that are dominating current events. Our articles, notes, comments, essays, and symposia cover the financial, securities, banking, bankruptcy and tax practice areas. Academic journals, law reviews, the financial press, and even the Supreme Court have cited the FJCFL. FJCFL staff members fully immerse themselves in cutting-edge issues of corporate law, edit the manuscripts of professionals and fellow students, and advance the discourse surrounding business law topics with new scholarship. The FJCFL encourages all of its members to submit Notes for publication and publish pointed replies to emerging issues in business law through the Fordham Corporate Law blog. Our Editors actively assist students as they navigate topics in the legal and business law landscapes.

Fordham Law Review

The Fordham Law Review is one of six well respected scholarly journals edited exclusively by Fordham Law students. Each issue explores significant legal issues and examines challenging questions in the law. The Fordham Law Review is the ninth most cited student-edited journal in terms of court cases and the fifth most cited journal in terms of citations by other law journals.

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Fordham Urban Law Journal

The Fordham Urban Law Journal addresses policy issues affecting urban areas. The Journal is Fordham Law School's second oldest publication. The Fordham Urban Law Journal is the fourth most cited student-edited specialty journal of the more than 400 specialty journals in the country.

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