This section contains articles and publications related to presidential succession, including: articles written by Dean Feerick at the time of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment’s drafting; articles from three symposia at Fordham Law School, one on the vice presidency and two on the adequacy of the presidential succession system; and, the reports by Fordham Law School’s first and second Presidential Succession Clinics.


Submissions from 1963


The Problem of Presidential Inability--Will Congress Ever Solve It?, John D. Feerick

Submissions from 1966


Vice Presidential Succession: In Support of the Bayh-Celler Plan , John D. Feerick
South Carolina Law Review

Submissions from 1995


Twenty-Fifth Amendment: An Explanation and Defense, The, John D. Feerick
Wake Forest Law Review

Submissions from 2012


Ensuring the Stability of Presidential Succession in the Modern Era, Fordham University School of Law's Clinic on Presidential Succession