This section contains articles and publications related to presidential succession, including: articles written by Dean Feerick at the time of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment’s drafting; articles from two symposia at Fordham Law School, one on the vice presidency and one on the adequacy of the presidential succession system; and, the report by Fordham Law School’s first Presidential Succession Clinic.


Submissions from 1963


The Problem of Presidential Inability--Will Congress Ever Solve It?, John D. Feerick

Submissions from 1966


Vice Presidential Succession: In Support of the Bayh-Celler Plan , John D. Feerick

Submissions from 1995


Twenty-Fifth Amendment: An Explanation and Defense, The, John D. Feerick

Submissions from 2012


Ensuring the Stability of Presidential Succession in the Modern Era, Fordham University School of Law's Clinic on Presidential Succession