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PDA, patron driven acquisitions, e-books, ebooks, DDA


Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA), also known as Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) and Purchase on Demand (POD), has been used by libraries since the early 1990’s. PDA allows libraries to acquire items based on the immediate needs of their patrons, often without library intervention. With the arrival of e-books in the late 1990’s, libraries soon began including them in their PDA workflows. PDA is controversial for several reasons, and PDA of E-books adds further issues to the debate. This bibliography covers PDA and the issues academic libraries face when devising a PDA program. Articles outline the benefits and problems of print and E-book PDA and the debate they elicit. They also document the response of libraries to address these problems. Only peer-reviewed articles that express current thought on the subject (as of this writing) have been used.