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Quantitative Proof of Reputational Harm


decline, stock price, defamed corporation, reputational harm, economic rationale, defamation, corporation, special damages, reputational injury, stock market data, shares, loss of goodwill, cause of action, elements, presumed damages, reasonable certainty, tort remedy, substantive right, defamation, corporate reputation, stakeholder perception, goodwill, economic view of goodwill, legal view of goodwill, accounting view of goodwill, supranormal earnings, market capitalization, excess earnings, reputational synergy, brand value, value-relevance, reputational penalty, Justice Joseph Story, Judge Cardozo, reasonable expectancy of preference, Grace Ganz Blumberg, residuum of assets, Dugan v. Dugan, goodwill valuation, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, lost goodwill, NAACP v. Overstreet, pecuniary loss, Uniform Eminent Domain Code, statutory definition of goodwill, public reputation, marketability, proximate cause, foreseeability, unforeseeable injury, special damages, lost goodwill, event study

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