eminent domain, public land use


In November 1975, York University sponsored a Public Land Ownership Conference in Toronto, Canada. It's purpose was to examine public land ownership as a means to accomplish social objectives related to land use. This book, organized into five chapters, is an outgrowth of the conference and consists of papers prepared for the conference and commentaries made by various conferees, with the additions of a general introduction, concluding commentary, and a preface for each chapter with an introductory essay on the general theme of the chapter. A compilation of papers from various writers may pose problems for readers through the incredibly diverse gamut of ideas presented, the informal and unstructured style of most of the papers make for enjoyable reading and easy comprehension. Part One, consisting of three chapters, deals with the idea of public land ownership and how it might augment present programs of urban planning. Part Two discusses public land ownership in Canada and the developing countries, which raises questions about American fears of public land ownership.



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