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This Comment discusses the recent trend in urban planning which places an emphasis on creating smart growth communities, which encourage mixed land use, alternative modes of transportation, and incorporating green space in development to combat urban sprawl. Smart growth communities often offer greenways, which encompass a broad range of green space including open space along rivers and streams, natural or landscaped courses for pedestrian or bicycle passage, open space connectors for parks, and linear parks designated as parkways, among others. The Comment discusses the environmental, economic, and health benefits of greenways. While greenways have become desirable, many communities aren't successful in their implementation. The Comment examines the challenges in building greenways, mainly community support and land acquisition. The Comment identifies aspects of greenway projects that are keys to their success based on a comparative study of two greenway projects, the flourishing Chattanooga, Tennessee project and the struggling Rockford, Illinois project. The Comment also examines the four factors imperative to Chattanooga's success: a "wakeup call", a "mover and shaker" in the community, community participation and stewardship, and partnerships at every stage of the greenway project. The Comment concludes that most cities can emulate the four factors present in Chattanooga's success.



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