ballot transit, military voting, overseas voting, absentee ballots, presidential elections


In this Article, we examine how the issue of military voting has changed over time from one beset by procedural difficulties, often intentional with states changing election laws to promote military voting only within a given set of parameters and to restrict voting by those deemed unworthy of the franchise, to a logistical and technological issue that focuses on how new technologies can fully facilitate military voting. Part II of this Article will briefly outline the scope of the military and overseas voting issue. Part III will outline and address the conflicting statutory frameworks between federal and state election laws. Part IV will discuss the history of military voting from the beginning of America to the most recent conflicts. Part V will analyze recent problems and legal disputes arising from the logistical problems associated with military voting and local election laws. Part VI will discuss recent attempts to use technology to solve these problems with varying levels of success. Part VII will discuss the lessons learned from these attempts and look to the future of military and overseas voting.



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