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In recent years, independent schools have begun committing themselves to diversity. Schools are recruiting more students and teachers of color and have transformed their curriculum to better address race, gender, class religion, and sexual orientation. Schools must start marketing themselves to a broad spectrum of families, teachers, and administrators, and have done so in order to prepare students for the adult world to come. Schools need to hire and retain teachers of color. To achieve this, some overlapping efforts by schools include: creating the need to hire teachers of color with the school's mission, clarifying the school's climate and culture, creating a sense of urgency, making the case that hiring people of color is good for business, outline strategic issues related to hiring more teachers of color for the coming year, the head must be empathetic, but uncompromising, advertising positions widely, not hiring resumes, considering the content of job advertisements and job descriptions, getting to know more people of color, make the school attractive to teachers of color, not forgetting good salaries and benefits, considering the visual impact of the campus, connecting with local

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