abuse, violence, women, drugs, elder, homeless


Keynote speaker Marcia Ann Gillespie, editor-in-chief of Ms. Magazine, discussed the importance of getting to the root of what makes violence against women. She stressed the importance of looking at what makes men act violent, taking down barriers of reporting violence, and analyzing other contributing factors. Panelist Aurora Salamone from the New York City Department for the Aging then discussed domestic abuse against elders, stressing that domestic violence in the household does not all the sudden stop at a certain age. Panelist Kimberly A. Madden from from the Jewish Association for Services of the Aged discussed how violence against elders is similar to violence at younger ages because of the cycle of violence but different because of how the power is exerted and how someone can get out of the situation. Louisa Gilbert, co-director of the Social Intervention Group at Columbia, then discussed how drug use contributes to abuse of women and how it creates barriers for them from getting help. Holly Devine from Barrier Free Living Domestic Violence Program then described her work at her transitional shelter for disabled men and women who have become homeless. Jenny Rivera, professor CUNY School of Law, discussed the shortcomings of legal solutions for women being abused.



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