drug policy, reform, marijuana, education, conference


The article begins by stating that the time has come for a reexamination of our drug policy. It continues by discussing the two day conference "Is Our Drug Policy Effective?" "Are There Alternatives?" organized by several committee's. Because of space constraints, the article mainly delves into two topics, certain substances both licit and illicit with regard to both their physiological effects and the policies governing them, and also the disproportionate emphasis placed by the war on drugs on combating marijuana. The article then gives summaries of the speakers at the conference. These include: Objectives of our drug policy, overviews of drug policy effectiveness, impact of drug policy on human rights, living with our drug policy, education prevention and treatment, drug policy and the rule of law, drug policy alternatives, and international dimensions of drug policy. It then concludes with closing remarks that the conference should be done again, that this is just the beginning of the discussion.



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