Legal Services Corporation, LSC, restrictions, Ethics, public interest


This article seeks to address issues of lawyering under Legal Services Corporation (LSC) restrictions . We organized the conference as part of Fordham's Advanced Seminar in Ethics and Public Interest Law. We comprised a student working group in the class who worked to organize the conference with the Legal Aid Society and the Stein Center for Ethics and Public Interest Law. The conference, held on May 30, 1997, brought together practitioners, academics, and law students to discuss the delivery of legal services under the federal restrictions. In the remarks that follow, participants address the issues germane to lawyering under the restrictions and provide their own insights into the future of legal services for the poor. The works that follow are organized in the format used at the conference. This includes addresses by Alan W.. Houseman and Alexander D. Forger, and four panels,"5 presented in the following order: (1) Legislative Issues: Alexander D. Forger, Alan W. Houseman, Dwight Loines, and Dennis J. Saffran; (2) Implementation Issues: Lucy Billings, Valerie J. Bogart, and Jill Ann Boskey; (3) Constitutional Issues: Eric M. Freedman and Steven R. Shapiro; and (4) Ethical Issues: Helaine Barnett, Stephen Ellmann, Stephen Gillers, and Emily J. Sack.



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