environmental justice, low income, communities of color, urban justice, fair share


The "Urban Environmental Justice" symposium took place at Fordham University School of Law, and explored how low-income communities and communities of color in our nation’s cities may have been disproportionately burdened by various environmental harms. It considered what should be done about this problem, from the perspectives of civic and citizens’ groups, the government at the federal, state, and city levels, public interest lawyers, corporations, and others. The participants in the March 3rd program represented a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The keynote speaker, Gerald Torres, Counsel to the United States Attorney General, had only weeks earlier been designated to lead the efforts of the Department of Justice in the area of environmental justice. Speakers who took part in the four discussions that followed included leading legal and non-legal academics, government and public interest lawyers, and civic group leaders. The panel discussions afforded these experts an opportunity to exchange viewpoints with each other and with members of the audience. This book affords those speakers an opportunity to elaborate on the views presented at the symposium.



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