HIV/AIDS, LGBT, gay, lesbian, civil rights, gay rights, legislation, bias, family law, Braschi, domestic partnership


The cutting edge issue in the gay community is now the fight for domestic partnership rights. The absence of domestic partnership rights have resulted in the unequal treatment of an entire class of citizens, with gays and lesbians routinely denied jobs, housing, economic benefits such as health care, insurance, public accommodations, and may even result in these individuals being fired or facing eviction solely because of their sexual orientation. The author argues that to rectify these injustices, we must redefine the definition of family to be more in line with that used in New York's Braschi v. Stahl Assocs. Co., decision. In Braschi, the court stated that the term family included an unmarried lifetime gay partner and not just persons related by blood or law. The author also advocates for an advancement of legislative initiatives, like domestic partnership laws to remedy the injustices faced by gays and lesbians.



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