New York State Commission on Government Integrity, ethics, integrity, professional responsibility, professional integrity, government, rules, standards, campaign financing, Poughkeepsie '85, talent bank, municipal ethical standards, ethics training


"The New York State Commission on Government Integrity (Commission) was born from a sense of crisis. A series of corruption scandals in New York State, involving officials at all levels of government, produced widespread cynicism and distrust of government and created a perception that unethical, if not illegal, practices were rampant throughout the State. The scandals implicated borough presidents of New York City, political party chairmen, municipal officials, members of the State Legislature, judges and a host of other officials." Following the New York State Commission on Government Integrity's final report to Governor Mario Cuomo in September 1990, Chairman John D. Feerick, offered personal reflections on his time with the Commission; an experience he found to be "the most difficult, challenging, frustrating and rewarding" of his life. Specifically, Chairman Feerick offers commentary on the Commission's recommendations on Campaign Financing, "Poughkeepsie '85", Talent Bank, Municipal Ethical Standards, and Ethics Training, topics addressed further in the reports published in this volume.



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