Susan P. Kass


City of Schenectady and City Fire Fighters Union Local 28, parity clause, Taylor Law, public employee, bargaining


The City of Schenectady and City Fire Fighters Union, Local 28, which resulted in the first decision that parity clauses are not invalid per se, recognized that some parity clause arrangements can allow the employer and one or more unions to plan and execute long-range agreements; Two or more unions can agree among themselves that one union can implicate the others in a parity arrangement. This Note discusses the effect of on the negotiability of parity clauses in public sector employment contracts. The New York State "Taylor Law" governing public employees, and the New York courts' analysis of parity clauses under the Taylor Law are also discussed. Finally, City of Schenectady will be analyzed for its effect on future parity clause enforcement in the courts, and the author suggests that the courts should follow City of Schenectady and uphold the validity of parity clauses where no union's right to freedom of bargaining is impinged.



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