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January 21, 1964


(Left-Right): Lowell R. Beck, Assistant Director of the ABA’s Washington office; Larry Conrad, aide to Senator Birch E. Bayh; Senator Birch E. Bayh of Indiana; John D. Feerick, associate at Skadden Arps; Dean Charles B. Nutting, George Washington University Law Center; Professor Paul A. Freund, Harvard Law School; James C. Kirby Jr., former chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments; Walter E. Craig, President of the ABA; Lewis F. Powell Jr., President-elect of the ABA; Donald Channell, Director of the ABA’s Washington Office; Edward L. Wright, chairman of the ABA House of Delegates; Ross L. Malone, former Deputy Attorney General; Richard Hansen, author of The Year We Had No President; Sylvester Smith Jr., ABA Immediate Past President; Jonathan C. Gibson, Chairman of the ABA Committee on Jurisprudence and Law Reform; Martin Taylor, chairman of the Committee of the Federal Constitution of the New York State Bar Association; and Don Hyndman, ABA Director of Public Relations.


Courtesy of Birch Bayh Senatorial Papers, Modern Political Papers Collections, Indiana University Libraries. All Rights Reserved.


Presidential Succession, Presidential Inability, Constitutional History