Jens C. Dammann


shareholder wealth, German corporation, stakeholders interest, codetermination, German corporate law, state of incorporation, race to the bottom, incorporation doctrine, real seat doctrine, European Court of Justice, Centros, Horst Hammen, pseudo-foreign corporations, freedom of establishment, Article 48, Daily Mail, Limited liability companies, Coal and Steel Codetermination Act, Industrial Constitution Act, German business law, Article 43, EC Treaty, Swedish corporation, Swedish business, Pfeiffer Grosshande, Article 23, Leclerc v. Au ble vert, internal structure of a corporation, rules governing the formation of companies, circumvention doctrine, TV1O SA, Mediawet, Luxembourg corporation, Article 234, Article 46, mandatory requirements doctrine, imperative requirements doctrine, protection of workers, Dansk Supermarked v. Imerco, well-informed consumer, German labor law



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