Farah Z. Usmani


Corporate Bankruptcies, Dotcom Bubble, Internet Bubble, Consumer Privacy, Customer Lists, Toysmart.com, Federal Trade Commission, Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Liquidation, Creditors' Committee, 11 U.S.C. 541, Data Mining, Privacy Policy, Acxiom, VentureDirect, Uniform Trade Secrets Act, UTSA, Trade Secrets, Dwyer v. American Express, Cookies, Online Profiling, Clickstream Data, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Wingate, Electronic Communications Privacy Act, Stored Electronic Communications Act, GeoCities, TRUSTe, Orson Swindle, Sheila F. Anthony, Opt-in, 15 U.S.C. 45, Craftshop.com, Opt-Out, Voter.com, Egghead.com, Amazon.com, HealthCentral.com, Garden.com, Burpee, Bankruptcy Reform Act, Online Privacy Protection Act, Consumer Internet Privacy Enhancement Act



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