Lois R. Lupica


absolute supremacy, account, account debtor, after acquired property, after acquired unencumbered estate property, asset backed, asset-backed security transferees, asset characterization, asset control, asset distribution, asset value maximization, Article 9, automatic stay, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Code, bankruptcy debtor, bankruptcy estate, bankruptcy reform legislation, bond market, business reorganization, cash, cash collateral, chattel paper, collateral proceeds, collateral transfer, collateralized loan, commonly securitized receivables, continued viability, credit card receivables, creditor rights, distributional fairness, dominion, economic efficiency, eligible assets, estate value, estate value enhancement, fair market value, financing statement, future advance, general intangibles, going concern value, independent appraisers, instruments, intent, intellectual property licenses, judicial characterization, licensing receivables, lien, lienable, liquidation, liquidation value, loan, non-assignable rights, non-bankruptcy-law-created proliferation of securitization, normative effects, Octagon Gas Systems v. Rimmer, old article 9, originators, ownership benefits, ownership burdens, ownership right, payment intangibles, payment rights, perfected transferee, personal property, post petition collateral, post petition security interests, proceeds, promissory note, promoting reorganization, property rights, property right redistribution, reorganize, reorganization, residual claimants, residual interests, revised article 9, rights to payment, sales of accounts, Section 541, Section 544, Section 548, Section 550, Section 552, section 912, secured claim, secured claims, secured creditors, secured lending, secured loan, securitization, securitization market, securitization originators, securitization transaction, securitized assets, securitizing debtor, securitized proceeds, stakeholders, transfer price, transferee rights, transferor's bankruptcy, true sale, turnover powers, unencumbered assets, United States v. Whiting Pools, unperfected security interest, unperfected transfer, unsecured claim, unsecured claims



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