Chapter 7, Reaffirm!, Contract, Personal Liability, Debt, Discharged, Unsecured, Secured, Creditor, Collateral Retention, Consumer, Debtor, Mortgages, Claims, Exemptions, Trustee, Liens, repossess, liquidation, asset, undersecured, finance, auto, National Bankruptcy Review Commission, lost value, credit, bankruptcy, financial hardship, productivity enhancement, wage slavery, policy, incentive, burden, "fresh start", counsel, negotiations, leverage, retention, bankruptcy code, Chapter 13, mechanical means-test, economy, ride-through, Section 722, property, valuation, statements of intention, encumbered, deficiency judgment, mortgage insurance, state anti-deficiency laws, depreciation, default, Section 524(c), wage garnishment, bargaining power, Act of 1898, rescind, undue hardship, pro se, court, certify, coerce, income, interest, expense, budget, amortization, principal, Truth-In-Lending Act, disclosure, retail!, Household goods, depreciate, replevin, Sears, unfiled reaffirmation, professional responsibility, threat, litigation, attorney fee, defense, lump sum, amend!, deduct!, Associates Commercial Corp. v. Rash, House, Senate, dividends, permission, uniform, objection, mortgagee, injunction, residence, bill, exception, requirement, paperwork, judicial scrutiny, annual percentage rate, Amount reaffirmed, credit union, judge, cost, Schedule I, Schedule J, predictable, affordable, variables, control, statute, term, interest rate, wholesale, replacement cost, incentiv!, Discovery, installment, trustee, insurance, balloon payments, approv!, Predictable, exception to discharge, cosigner, supervision, prepetition debt, 1978 Cide, dependent, policy, "in loco parentis", legislation



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