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The SEC's Regulation FD


Steve Thel, Reg. FD, Regulation FD, Regulation Fair Disclosure, issuer disclosure, selective disclosure, non-public disclosure, registered securities, section 15D, investor relations professions, senior management, brokers and dealers, Investment advisors, Institutional investment managers, Investment companies, Hedge funds, Holders of securities, Analysts, Duty of trust, Duty of confidence, Confidentiality agreement, Credit-rating agencies, Ordinary business communications, Exchange act, Registered offering, Materiality, Earnings, Mergers, Acquisitions, New products, Bankruptcies, Receiverships, Selective disclosure, Intentional disclosures, Promptly, Form 8-K, Non-exclusionary, Press release, Wire services, Public notice, Web site, Rule 10b-5, Anti-fraud liability, Dirks v. SEC, 463 U.S. 646 (1983), Fairness, Integrity, Insider trading, Equity Funding, Overstate, New York Stock Exchange, Ray Dirks, Wall Street Journal, Fiduciary duty, Fraudulent conduct, Private liability, Confidentiality agreements, Exchange Act, Securities Act of 33, Foreign governments, Foreign private issuers, 6-K, Scienter standard, Intent, Recklessness, Section 13, Ordinary care, Risks, Alacrity, Release, Clustering, Consensus number, Conservatism, Enforcement Division, Proposed rule, Adopted rule, Parity of access, Mosaic theory, Buy-side, Material!, Culpability, Final Release, Cost, Administrative burden, Professional investor relations, Cookbook, Free-form, Inadvertent disclosure, Inadvertent unintentional disclosure, Thomas Financial, Carson, Communications, Broadcast earnings, Webcasts, Client!, Sell-side, Market, Earnings, Quarter, Fidelity, Day trader, Balance, Chat Rooms, Rule 10b5-1, 10b-18, Enforcement, Mid-quarter, Legal advise



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