Corporate Law, Compliance, Governance


We are pleased to present this Symposium on the revolution in corporate compliance and its evolution in the financial services industry. This is the annual symposium hosted by the Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law on significant topics in the realm of business law.

The format of the symposium is as follows. It begins with an introduction by Professor Sean Griffith, followed by edited transcripts of the two panel discussions and the keynote address.

The first panel is “Revolution: Challenging Corporate Norms?” and addresses the question of whether the revolution in corporate compliance challenges the established norms of corporate law and corporate governance. The panel focuses on the trends in corporate compliance, the effects of compliance across multiple industries, and the different perspectives regarding compliance education and professionalization. The second panel is “Evolution: Impacting Financial Services” and analyzes how the compliance function has evolved within the financial services industry. The panel focuses on the current role of compliance and its impact on financial institutions.

We are grateful to our sponsor for the Symposium: The Corporate Law Center



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