Scott Griswold


Homeownership, Qur’an prohibition on paying interest, Muslim homeownership, Equitable right of redemption, Mortgage alternative, Origination of equitable right of redemption, Mortgage clog, Clog on equity of redemption, Analysis of clog on equity of redemption, Analysis of whether financing arrangement is equitable mortgage, Mortgagor-debtor protections, Installment land contract, Deed in lieu of foreclosure, Islamic-centered mortgage alternatives, National Banking Act, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), UBK Net Lease Program, United Bank of Kuwait and Islamic-centered mortgage alternative, Scope of OCC power, Murabaha financing products, Murabaha, Criticism of Islamic Mortgage Alternatives, Criticism of Islamic mortgage alternatives and objective of equitable right of redemption, UBK Net Lease and equitable mortgage factors, Murabaha and equitable mortgage factors, Installment land contract and UBK Net Lease, UBK Net Lease and mortgage clog, UBK Net Lease and right of equity redemption, Ijara wa-iqtina, Ijara wa-iqtina and equitable right of redemption, Interpretive Letter No. 867, Religious friendly mortgage alternatives, UBK Net Lease revision, Murabaha revision, Murabaha and default



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