Regulated deregulation, electricity market, Public Utilities Regulatory Policy Act, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Midcal Test, Hallian Foreseeability Standard, California Agricultural Prorate Act, Commerce Clause, Sherman Act, Parker v. Brown, Trigen, anticompetitive regulatory program, Home Rule Amendment, OG&E, RTF Tariff Program, Cantor, Michigan Public Service Commission, OCC, Florida Power and Light, Praxair, TEC Cogeneration, Electric Supplier Stabilization Act, state action immunity, Idaho Public Utility Commission, Snake River II, SRVEA, Snake River I, PG&E, Oregon Public Utility Commission, Columbia Steel Casting Co., MidAmerican, North Star, RG&E, New York Public Service Commission, pro-competition policies, clear-articulation requirement, two-tiered level of authority



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