Gil Loescher


This issue is dedicated to Arthur, and the Articles that appear within reflect his broad interests and concerns regarding human rights, refugees, and international law. During his last year at the Council on Foreign Relations, Arthur turned his attention to the Palestinian refugee issue and wrote an Essay on practical solutions to the Palestinian refugee question. That Essay appears within these pages. Arthur reviews the past experience with durable solutions--repatriation, resettlement, and local integration--for other protracted refugee situations as well as lessons from past compensation arrangements and their applicability to the Palestinian situation. He concludes by arguing that Palestinian refugees have many things in common with refugees in other parts of the world and that a settlement of the Palestinian refugee question requires a comprehensive approach linking these various components. A closely related Article on Palestinian refugees in Gaza by Susan Martin, John Warner, and Patricia Fagen draws on the lessons of other post-conflict and post-occupation situations to identify ways in which the international community can help ensure a successful disengagement of Israel from Gaza.