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Fordham International Law Journal's special issue on Islamic law includes articles that present a broad variety of themes, from the historical to the contemporary, from the philosophical to the empirical, and from the theoretical to the practical. In light of the generally poor understanding of Islamic law among American lawyers, one can only hope that a publication such as this succeeds in generating greater intellectual curiosity about Islamic law among readers of American law journals. The authors hope that this collection of Articles will lead to renewed interest in Islamic law and theology as intellectually gratifying topics of inquiry in themselves, in addition to any relevance they may or may not have for transient political circumstances. A cardinal virtue of the lawyer is the ability to extract herself from her own circumstances and view a problem from the perspective of another party, oftentimes an adversary. Hopefully, this special issue will help generate further understanding by affording non-experts in Islamic law an opportunity to better comprehend some of the issues engaging Muslim jurists and theologians in this era.