Gerry Adams


In the opening line of the diary that he kept during the first three weeks of his hunger strike, republican prisoner Bobby Sands, who died after fifty-five days on strike, wrote: "I am standing on the threshold of another trembling world." This system has created a unionist one party state that has rejected basic principles of democracy, justice, and equality. Throughout the development of our peace strategy and the talks process, republicans pursued the peace process in the context of our republican analysis of the situation and with a solid strategy to meet all of the difficulties head on. In August 1994, Irish America, nationalist Ireland, and Sinn Fein succeeded in creating the conditions for the first complete cessation of IRA military operations. Through our peace strategy and the talks process, Sinn Fein has, like never before, succeeded in putting the republican analysis right at the heart of Irish politics. The success of the unionists' tactical go-slow approach, as well as the decision not to establish a separate equality department but instead to place at the "center" the exclusion of inward investment from the all Ireland business, and the trade body and the debacle around tourism, gave rise to serious concerns as we entered this critical phase in the peace process.