Rossina Petrova


This Comment argues that by adopting a two-stage common maritime policy, with a gradual liberalization of cabotage, the European Community took the right course of action in view of the prevailing internal and international conditions of the maritime market. Part I defines the basic concepts concerning the maritime industry and policy. Part I also presents the legal framework within which the European Community adopts measures on maritime policy. Part II discusses the 1986 Legislative Package, marking the first stage in the development of the Community common maritime policy. Part II then reviews the provisions and impact of Regulation 3577/92 which continued and complemented the development of the EC common shipping policy initiated by the 1986 Legislative Package. Part III maintains that the European Community has succeeded in establishing a common maritime policy, leading not only to the full liberalization of maritime trade between Member States and among Member States and third countries, but also, to the gradual opening up of cabotage routes. Part III further maintains that by tackling the external and internal issues confronting the EC maritime policy separately and in stages, the European Community has acted in its best long-term commercial and strategic interests. This Comment concludes that the European Community has successfully forged a common maritime policy as one of the vehicles towards achieving the single internal market.