Shimon Peres


Yitzhak Rabin was a unique man in so many ways. He was introspective and analytical, incisive and sagacious, discerning and decisive. He could be boldly forthright and extraordinarily self-effacing. His intellectual integrity could cut like a scalpel. As a soldier he was a brilliant strategist and as a peace maker he was a visionary. His courage was rock-like. He was a rare leader of Israel and a statesman of world renown. No man understood that better than my predecessor. And since I believe with all my heart that the future peace and stability of our region and, indeed, the construction of a new Middle East, depend in no small measure on the moral and strategic bedrock of that alliance, I congratulate the Fordham International Law Journal in dedicating this issue to one of its foremost architects, Yitzhak Rabin.