Elie Wiesel


Introduction: In the former Yugoslavia, in certain parts of the former Soviet empire, in Sri Lanka, in India and in Nigeria and, of course, in the Middle East blood continues to flow. One only has to look at Bosnia: in the past the soldiers of Radovan Karadzic amused themselves by ridiculing the Blue Berets - the United Nations peacekeepers. Why not admit it? We have simply failed to intervene quickly enough to stop past crimes.

Today, the greatest danger that threatens the world is fanaticism. By the time we are aware of it, it is already too late. At what moment must it be disarmed? How can it be recognized? What and where are the laws capable of checking it? How do we reconcile these laws with others? All are fundamental, particu- larly those that guarantee the basic liberties of the individual. I am sure that in this issue of the Fordham International Law Journal these questions occupy a choice position.