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Law; Judge Kevin Thomas Duffy


How can one (or in this case many) properly honor the memory of an iconic figure as compelling, complicated, and compassionate as the Honorable Kevin Thomas Duffy (aka “KTD” or “the Judge”)? I’m confident that I speak on behalf of the Judge’s entire law clerk family (aka “Hockey Pucks” in KTD’s vernacular)—as well as his many other friends and colleagues who were kind enough to contribute a sampling of their precious memories of the Judge to this collection of tributes—in stressing at the outset the impossibility of this task. Indeed, I’m certain the futility of even trying to scratch the surface of what a gift it was for KTD’s devoted community of Hockey Pucks to have spent our first years as lawyers under his daily tutelage was immediately apparent to each of us the moment we began this endeavor. But I also know that just attempting to do so, notwithstanding how quixotic the effort, has been a complete joy for all of us. Indeed, the common refrain I’ve heard from countless clerks over the last several weeks (as we’ve collectively tilted at this windmill) is, yet again, how grateful we all are to KTD. Remarkably, even as we commemorate the two-year anniversary of his passing, the Judge continues to be the catalyst for the welcomed reunification of his colleagues, friends, and mentees, who all leapt at the opportunity to participate in this wonderfully uplifting celebration of his life. And truth be told, we all really needed this, particularly during these challenging times when we are each craving the cathartic infusion of humanity and humor into our consciousness that this process has granted us, and which KTD so generously provided every day he was with us.

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