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The Symposium included in this issue of the Fordham Law Review provides scholars and lawyers with the opportunity to think about some of the most provocative issues related to the way we elect our chief executive. When first conceived, this Symposium was meant to expand and elevate the discourse. Many of the participating authors have thought and written about these matters for years. It was our hope that, after fifty-nine presidential elections, we could shape the debate—and perhaps reform the law—for our next presidential election, our country’s sixtieth. Little did we realize at the inception of this project that the 2020 election would become so extraordinarily challenging—that our constitution, our laws, and the very norms that sustain our electoral process would be subject to the most severe stress test in one hundred and fifty years. Even after the election was resolved, there remains an ongoing debate as to the legal and extralegal issues that surfaced during the campaign and afterward and what they portend for the future of our democratic republic.

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