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An important part of that 125th anniversary examination is found in the pages that follow: essays by prominent lawyers of the Second Circuit about some of the vital areas of law emanating from our court. Much gratitude is due to the editors of the Fordham Law Review; Michael Cardozo and Bettina Plevan, who painstakingly oversaw the issue; and to the lawyers who contributed their thinking and writings. Six articles have been specially drafted on: First Amendment/civil liberties, by Floyd Abrams; white collar crime, by Robert J. Anello and Miriam L. Glaser; antitrust, by Saul P. Morgenstern, Jennifer B. Patterson, and Terri A. Mazur; intellectual property, by Kenneth A. Plevan; national security, by David Raskin; and financial and securities regulation, by Karen Patton Seymour. Mr. Cardozo and Ms. Plevan have been the principal editors along with Yale Law School Professor John F. Witt, who himself provides an exceptional overview of the development of Second Circuit law. In addition, Fordham University School of Law Dean Matthew Diller and Benajmin N. Cardozo School of Law Professor Alexander A. Reinert have contributed an article on our court and administrative law. This issue also includes four notes on Second Circuit issues, written by students on the Fordham Law Review.

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