Edward Yorio, Fordham Law School, contracts


The Board of Editors of the Fordham Law Review Dedicates this Issue to the memory of Professor Edward Yorio Professor of Contracts. Edward Yorio graduated from Harvard Law School with honors in 1971 and was appointed to the faculty of Fordham Law School in 1973. In a very short time, he became a dearly valued member of the legal profession and of the Fordham Law School community. To students who had the privilege of taking his Contracts class, he was a dedicated teacher who inspired them with his energy, mind, and ability to teach. Utilizing his keen wit, Professor Yorio challenged students to think and respond to arguments as skilled lawyers should. To his colleagues, Professor Yorio was a respected scholar who published numerous articles on tax and contract law in leading journals. To the law school as a whole, Ed Yorio exemplified a spirit of unsurpassed scholarship, leadership, and collegiality. The following pages contain some thoughts of people who knew him well.

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