Vice-Presidency, Symposium, Recommendations, Report


This Report describes recommendations related to the vice presidency from the American Bar Association Special Committee on Election Reform. The recommendations were issued after the committee held a symposium on the vice presidency at Fordham University School of Law on December 3, 1976. John D. Feerick chaired the committee.

The recommendations state “that the American Bar Association favors (1) retention of the constitutional office of Vice-President of the United States in its present form, but urges each President to involve the Vice-President intimately and productively in operations of the presidency, and (2) that in the nomination and election process the Association (a) favors retention of the present practice by which a newly-nominated presidential candidate recommends his or her vice-presidential running mate to the party’s nominating convention, and (b) urges that each contender for a party’s nomination announce a tentative list of his or her potential vice-presidential running mates publicly prior to the opening of the party convention, and (c) favors televised debate by vice-presidential candidates, as an integral part of any future presidential candidate debating series.”

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