FCC, Administrative Law, Contested Broadcast License Renewals, Broadcast License Renewals, Communications Act, Comparative Hearings, Education Law, Tenure, Administrative Law, State University, Denial of Tenure, Civil Rights, Employment, Job Performance, Employment Tests, Controlling Force, Discrimination, Racial Discrimination, Sixth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, Parole, Parole Revocation, Parolee, Counsel, Appointment of Counsel, Gideon v. Wainwright, First Amendment, Separation of Church and State, Establishment Clause, Education, Religious Education, Public Funding, Housing, State Constitution, Low-Cost Housing, Low-Income Housing, Equal Protection, Fourteenth Amendment, Economic classifications, right to housing, Economic Discrimination, Racial Discrimination, Sixth Amendment, Trial by Jury, Change of Venue, Pretrial Publicity, Impartial Jury, Actual Prejudice, Prejudicial Publicity, Misdemeanor, Fifth Amendment, Miranda Warning, Impeach, Impeachment, Evidence, Admissibility, Civil Procedure, Jurisdiction, 28 U.S.C. 1338(b), Pendent Claim, Federal Courts, Supplemental Jurisdiction

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