Attorneys - Power of a Court to Establish a Scale for Attorneys' Fees, Federal Civil Procedure - Corporation Aligned as Defendant in Determining Diversity of Citizenship in Stockholder's Derivative Suit, Labor Relations - Federal Pre-emption of State Courts' Right to Award Damages for Unfair Labor Practice, Libel and Slander - Republication as a New Cause of Action Against Original Author, Mechanic's Lien - Statutory Trust for Benefit of Materialmen Where Improved Property is Outside State, Negligence - Sudden Emergency Exception to the Assured Clear Distance Ahead Rule, Process - Service Upon Legal Representative of Deceased Nonresident Motorist, Unfair Competition - Right to Enjoin Out-of-State Retailers Selling Below Fair-Trade Prices, Vendor and Purchaser - Right of Purchaser to Proceeds of Vendor's Insurance on Real Property, Witnesses - Admissions of Adultery as Confidential Communications Between Husband and Wife

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