Assignments - Priority of a Subsequent Judgment Creditor Over an Equitable Assignee, Attorney and Client - Use of Recorded Confidential Conversation by Legislative Committee, Bankruptcy - Wage Claim Priority for Union Welfare Funds, Constitutional Law - Attorney's Refusal to Answer Questions as Evidence of Character, Corporations - Enforceability of Restriction on Sale of Stock Not Stated on Stock Certificate, Hospitals - Liability for Negligent Medical Acts of Employees, Insurance - "Act of War" Defined, Insurance - Violation of Law as a Bar to Recovery on Policy, Labor Relations - Right of a State to Enjoin Picketing for Organizational Purposes, Monopolies - Vertical Stock Acquisitions as Violative of the Clayton Act, Patents - Secrecy Order as a Bar to Maintenance of Suit, Sales - Restaurant's Implied Warranty to Guest of Customer, Witnesses - Right of Defense to Examine Government Witnesses' Reports

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