Administrative Law - Right of Federal Trade Commission to Issue Subpoenas in Clayton Act Proceedings, Antitrust - Treble Damages - Section 3 of the Robinson-Patman Act, Eminent Domain - Compensation for Neighboring Landowners for Taking of Land for Use Inconsistent with Restrictive Covenant for Their Benefit, Evidence - Libel - Damages - Admissibility of Party's Religious Beliefs, Evidence - Privilege Against Self-Incrimination - Denaturalization Proceedings, Labor Law - When Economic Strikes are Permissible Under Section 8(d)(4) of the Labor-Management Relations Act, Surrogate's Court - Jurisdiction over Independent Contract Action for Specific Performance, Torts - Domestic Relations - Wife's Action for Loss of Consortium, Torts - Libel and Slander - Broadcasting of Unwritten Defamation as Libel, Torts - Libel and Slander - Fair Comment - Libel Per Se

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