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Appendix One is the first of three appendixes that follow the article, When Legislatures Delegate Death: The Troubling Paradox Behind State Uses of Electrocution and Lethal Injection and What It Says About Us. Appendix One contains twenty tables detailing a range of information, including the following: the methods of execution by state, the numbers of electrocutions and lethal injections, botched electrocutions and lethal injections, types of lethal injection statutes, types of lethal injection chemical combinations, quantities of lethal injection chemicals, last meal and time of execution, the number and qualifications of executioners, the involvement of medical personnel, problem prevention procedures during executions, the number and types of witnesses specified in lethal injection protocols, the types of protocols (public or private), as well as all of the sources for all lethal injection protocols used in the article. Appendix One should be examined in conjunction with Appendixes Two and Three.

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