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Record of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York



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Robert McKay, Cyrus Vance, Association of the City Bar of New York, Herbert Brownell


I am honored and humbled to accept the designation of the Nominating Committee and membership to become president of this venerable Association. I feel especially privileged to be the first member of the academic community to be chosen since Robert McKay, who was for me a role model and special friend. In accepting this designation, I become heir to a tradition of remarkable service by the presidents of this Association for more than 120 years. Their names are synonymous with the best of the American legal profession in so many ways, and especially if judged by a standard of commitment to the public good. I know this from personal experience of having served with some of these lawyers, beginning with Herbert Brownell in the early 1960s and continuing most recently with Cyrus Vance. Their particular careers in public service have set a special benchmark for all Presidents of this Association. It is a very high honor for me to be chosen as Conrad Harper's successor. His leadership of the Association has been truly inspiring. He has been eloquent and forceful in articulating the high expectations of the legal profession, in reaching out to members of the profession who carry special burdens, and in moving this Association to greater heights of service to the community. He has earned the gratitude of everyone for a job exceptionally well done.