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Pace Law Review



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New York State Commission on Government Integrity, municipal ethical standards, municipal ethics, New York State


The New York State Commission on Government Integrity investigated numerous situations throughout the state that revealed just how bad the current law is. Our findings and a pro- posed municipal ethics act that we drafted to correct the law's deficiencies are contained in the following report, "Municipal Ethical Standards: The Need for a New Approach." Our pro- posed Act would set out the minimum ethical standards that should be observed in every municipality throughout the state. The premise here is that there are certain basic features to good government that make sense for all governments, no matter what their size or location - rural or suburban, upstate or downstate. If the proposed Act became law, localities would be able to enact more stringent regulations if they wanted to, but no local government could have standards that fell below the "floor" put in place by the Act. The Governor has had a bill introduced in the Legislature that is patterned after the law we proposed. The State Assembly has held public hearings on the bill and it is hopeful that in the 1990 legislative session, New Yorkers will get the strong municipal ethics law they need and deserve.