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South Carolina Law Review

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Vice presidential succession, Bayh-Cellar plan, George D. Haimbaugh, Jr., presidential inability


In the April, 1965, issue of the South Carolina Law Review there appeared an article by Professor George D. Haimbaugh, Jr., entitled "Vice Presidential Succession: A Criticism of the Bayh-Cellar [sic] Plan."' Professor Haimbaugh sought to demonstrate what he claimed was the "unreality" of certain arguments advanced in favor of the vice presidential succession feature of the proposed twenty-fifth amendment to the Constitution. The arguments to which he addressed himself were "that this constitutional change is urgently needed, that the presidential initiative is necessary to insure continuity of executive policy, and that the requirements of congressional ratification will secure a proper voice to the representatives of the people." This article attempts to answer the criticisms made by Professor Haimbaugh by showing that they are invalid, inapplicable, and unrealistic