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Journal of Law and Religion



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religious lawyers, religious lawyers movement, religious ethics, religious morals, legal ethics, professional conduct


Since the mid-1990s, the "religious lawyering movement" has expanded dramatically, receiving greater attention within the academy and the bar. As the movement enters what we term its "second wave" of development, this essay begins with a look back to its "first wave" of path-breaking scholarship and its gradual shift toward more institutionalized structures and programs. It argues that the predominant characteristic of first-wave religious lawyering scholarship was to claim a space within the professional conversation for lawyers to bring religious values to bear on their work. The essay then predicts that in the second wave religious lawyering conversations and scholarship will increasingly move beyond the question of whether lawyers should bring religious values to bear on their work, toward the difficult issues of how this should be done. It concludes with a glance toward the ways in which international horizons might bring new and refreshing challenges to the religious lawyering movement.