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Arizona Law Review



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Lawyer Regulation for the 21st Century, Ted Schneyer, festschrift, legal ethics


This collection on "Lawyer Regulation for the 21st Century" celebrates Ted Schneyer's legal ethics scholarship. From my perspective as Ted's friend and colleague in the field of legal ethics, it is obvious how richly he deserves this festschrift, and it is my privilege to be invited to contribute its foreword. But to someone outside the field, many questions might be raised. Why celebrate legal scholarship? Why celebrate legal ethics scholarship? Why celebrate Ted Schneyer's legal ethics scholarship? And why celebrate it by collecting writings on the theme of Lawyer Regulation for the 21st Century? Though I have no desire to put a damper on the celebration, it strikes me that no one writing in the field of legal ethics has been more questioning, more probing, more skeptical than Ted. Therefore, what better way is there to celebrate his contributions than by asking why we are celebrating them and why we do so in this manner?