The era following September 11, 2001 will be remembered as the golden age of law enforcement, the age of a bold paradigm shift inspired by the great challenges we face. It is instructive first to reflect on the old paradigm: as law enforcement agencies, we moved like swimmers in different lanes, all going the same direction with the same mission, yet also working by and for ourselves. Each criminal justice agency dealt with its own issues, staying—for the most part—in its own lane. Then, 9/11 changed everything. Indeed, it is our turn to be the greatest generation. Just as World War II fundamentally changed the world, so too have the events of 9/11. It is now our turn to rise to the challenge. We can no longer afford to fight crime independently; rather, we must build partnerships across agency lines. We can no longer afford to limit access to criminal intelligence to only those officers in a particular agency; rather, we must share information across agency lines. We can no longer afford to react to crimes after they have taken place; instead, we must prevent them in the first place, just as the NYPD has done through its renowned CompStat crime fighting strategy. To become today’s greatest generation, we must fight crime strategically, and we must do so together.

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