Stephen H. Webb


Although all-female schools still prosper and are defended by members of the academic elite, an all-male college has become a near-extinct species. Many people are surprised such a creature still exists. All-male colleges strike many as vestiges of male privilege. They evoke the traditional bastions of power that precluded women from advancing in public life. Single-sex education is not for everyone, but if our educational system is to be truly pluralistic, such an education should be an option. Single-sex education for both genders can be a constructive way to address problems plaguing not only education but the culture as a whole. Educators are now more willing to reevaluate all-male education. While research on single-sex education focuses on women, its conclusions often show significant gains for both genders. Indeed, those who experience an all-male education are usually eager to talk of its empowering effect. In our society, sex is used and exploited as the primary means of self-expression and ultimate fulfillment. It is possible that the single-sex atmosphere might help put such distorted claims into a better perspective. It is time for a new debate about all-male education.

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