Panelist Evelyn Cardona, discussed the work of the Brooklyn Coalition Against Family Violence, where she is the director, her own experience as a battered woman, and how she overcame it. Panelist Nechama Wolfson, president of the Shalom Task Force, then talked about the work of Shalom Task Force, a grasroots group of Orthodox Jewish women was doing on the community. Panelist Angela Lee, associate director of the New York Asian Women's Center, discussed the work her organization does with Asian battered women. Panelist Mircia Sanchez discussed the Harlem Dowling West Side Center for Children and Family Services, where she is a coordinator, and their work with children who come into foster care because of domestic violence. Panelist Maria Arias, supervising attorney at the Battered Women's Rights Clinic, discussed the importance of looking at how factors like racism, being an immigrant, and being poor affect the experience of a battered woman. Panelist Anurardha Sharma, Executive Director for SAKHI for South Asian Women, discussed the organization, the kinds of abuse and violence South Asian women experience, and some of the barriers that women these women face.