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In this transcript, Mr. Begun introduced a final speaker, Congressman Christopher Shays, at From the Ground Up: Local Lessons for National Reform, a national conference on campaign finance reform held on November 9, 1998, sponsored by the New York City Campaign Finance Board and the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Mr. Shays began by recounting the initiatives of 104th Congress, the first Republican controlled congress in forty years. He then delved into Congress’ efforts to bring soft money contributions under laws that would require disclosure. Advocating for what would become termed “campaign expenditures,” Mr. Shays explained that by reforming the campaign finance system the party would gain legitimacy to investigate. Before finally taking questions from the audience, Mr. Shays lamented not confronting the issue of wealthy candidates, suggesting that a requirement to state at the outset how much a candidate would spend so that the amount could be matched by competing candidates.

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